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Examples of the StormPredator Program in Action

StormPredator Tracks Hurricane Isabel


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Half Size Animation (674K)
Full Size Animation (1.4MB)

On September 18th, 2003 Hurricane Isabel made landfall on the North Carolina Coast. While Isabel was previously a Category 5 Hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Scale, it made landfall as a Category 2 Storm packing winds over 100 miles per hour, storm surges of 8 feet or more coupled with a high tide, and massive amounts of rainfall.

StormPredator was there. It was in the final stages of Beta testing, and recorded the radar animation sequence you see above of 24 frames just as Isabel crossed the North Carolina outer banks and the coast. The eye of Isabel passed less than 40 miles Northeast (as measured by the StormPredator Distance Tool) of the Morehead City, NC NEXRAD radar station, making a stunning animation clearly showing the eye and rain bands.

StormPredator has a unique recording and playback feature which lets you save storm animation sequences to your local hard drive, and then play them back. That's what we did to produce the animated GIF file above using a screen recorder program.

If you have downloaded the evaluation copy (or licensed copy) of SP, you can play back this historic animation sequence yourself, by downloading the Isabel history file here. Its in a Zip file, unzip to a folder on your hard drive, and the use the File Options> Playback History on SP to locate and load the history file for playback.



Radar Loop Showing Cold Air gust front

The image at left shows a thunderstorm in the Miami area that is producing a cold air gust front as it collapses. Note the expanding gust front to the west of Miami.

A full size version of the animated GIF is also available -  Click Here for full size- (412K)


Animation showing rotating radar beam sweep

Controllable Radar Beam Speaking to the lineage of early analog radar, StormPredator provides a rotational radar sweep beam to let you know that the program is active. You can turn the beam on/off using the ALT-B hotkey, and you can set it to rotate continuously or only when updating radar images. Beam color, width, and rotational speed are all controllable.